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Formative Asssessment, Formative Evaluation, Summative Evaluation Mandatory Meetings:
This meeting is aprox. 1 hour in length in the educator’s workspace, if possible. The parties should use the Standards, Rubrics and the Barnstable Artifact Collection Guide in preparation for the meeting. Evaluators must bring the Standards, Rubrics and Barnstable Artifact Collection Guide to all meetings.
During such meetings, educators must present artifacts and analysis to support his/her work with Standards 3 and 4 and Student Learning/Professional Practice Goals. Educators may present artifacts and analysis to support his/her work with Standards 1 and 2, but this is not required. Evaluators may also bring artifacts and analysis on any of the Standards and Goals to this meeting. As a reminder the following are the Four Standards:
1. Curriculum Planning and Assessment 2. Teaching All Students 3. Family and Community Engagement 4. Professional Culture
Educators must be able to offer analysis of the artifacts presented, speaking to the following questions:
1. How does the artifact demonstrate progress towards meeting the standard/achieving the goal?
2. What difference has the artifact made on student learning and/or professional practice?
3. What have you learned as a result of the connection between your work and student learning and/or professional practice?
4. What are your next steps towards continued improvement?
This should be a natural dialogue about an educator’s practice. If the educator would like to write analysis beforehand, he/she may, but it is not required. During such a meeting, the evaluator may ask for more artifacts and will take notes on the Formative Assessment form.

Formative Assessment Meetings take place:
mid 1-year plan for educators on Self-Directed 1-year plans and Developing Educator Plans.
(Typically meet in January, form completed by evaluator by early February.)
Formative Evaluation Meetings take place:
mid 2-year plans for educators on Self-Directed 2-year plans.
(Typically meet in May, form completed by early June.)
Summative Evaluation Meetings take place:
at the end of all plans.
(Typically meet in April, form completed by early May.)
*exact dates vary year-to-year, depending on the calendar. Please double-check dates each year.

Educators always have 10 school days to respond, in writing, to all Observation Feedback forms, Formative Assessments, Formative Evaluations and Summative Evaluations.
This must be submitted on the Educator Response Form.

*Developing Educator Plan (year 1): At least one announced and four unannounced observations (see article 11B) *Developing Educator Plan (years 2 and 3): At least three unannounced observations *Self-Directed Plans: At least one per cycle
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